We consider any appointment that you have made incredibly important. You are incredibly important to us and we value your time. We invest a great deal of energy, up to sixty (60) minutes for calls alone, reviewing your applications and considering how we can best serve you to prepare for your appointment. Your time slot is exclusively reserved for you, and when it is rescheduled with short notice, or missed altogether, it is usually too late or impossible to offer this time to another client who may be waiting.

To ensure that our Programs are administered with the highest of integrity, value and expertise to all of our clients with busy schedules, please note our Appointment Policy.

Booking Appointments:

All appointments must be paid for at the time of booking.
If you are on a monthly payment plan, your appointments will likely be scheduled in advance. We require your contract to be in good standing prior to the appointment.

Rescheduling Appointments:

We require one (1) full business day for rescheduling for appointments.
This also applies to same-day bookings which are subsequently cancelled.
We routinely send out emailed appointment reminders. These reminders are a courtesy only; clients are responsible to keep or cancel their appointment regardless of whether a reminder is received.
If you have purchased a prepaid Program and reschedule one of your prepaid sessions with less than one (1) business day, this counts as having been used.


To ensure you get the results you deserve, we put a tremendous amount of resources behind the scenes developing our Programs, managing our teams, and reviewing your file. Your Program is your container that we have reserved for you exclusively, and everything you want in life requires no less than 100% commitment. In the business of relationships, we recognize that not following through on commitments can be a major roadblock to getting what you desire. As such, we do not offer any refunds under any circumstances. This is a value that we hold dear, and our happy clients come to appreciate as we get deep into their journey. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies so that we avoid any miscommunications and invite you to direct any questions to our team at hello@erinbeata.com.