About Erin

“Hawaii born, San Francisco Bay Area raised, my childhood and formative years were filled with wonder and innovation. From my experiences, a curiosity grew about the mysterious powers of interpersonal communication, and how to find the underlying things we all want: love, connection and being embraced for who we truly are.” - Erin Beata

With over a decade of experience, Erin possesses a unique understanding of the full spectrum of sex, love and partnership in her work as a matchmaker, sex educator and coach. From a high level understanding of the art and science of female orgasm, to the ins and outs of the matchmaking industry, Erin brings grit, grace and play to the sometimes daunting quest for conscious, healthy and secure partnership. From years of studying and personally practicing Orgasmic Meditation (OM), Erin has trained hundreds of students and facilitated retreats throughout the US and Australia on everything from flirtation, seduction and dating to taboo and shadow integration.
Her experience working for an elite international matchmaking agency found her talking to some of the world’s most powerful CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and celebrities, finding out exactly what made them tick and who they were looking for, and hand-crafting introductions. Erin believes your capacity to give and receive love, along with your willingness to embrace vulnerability, play key roles in who you attract as a partner and how you show up within the context of relationship. Her passion for raising the vibration of conscious love has brought together a growing network of creative, passionate, sexy, inspiring singles who are looking for long-term, committed partnership. Erin is committed to the free expression of sex and love in this world. Whether she’s speaking, teaching or matchmaking, it’s all in service of LOVE.

“The most satisfying part of my work is YOU. I love working with the innovators and visionaries of the world to help you ‘dream the greatest invention’ of a relationship you couldn’t have even imagined, ‘write the perfect novel’ of your romance and Eros, and direct and star in the love movie that’s been playing in the back of your mind for years, and is now ready to play in the theater of your life. The only questions remaining are: who will be the hero(ine) of your movie? And how soon are you ready to meet them?”  -Erin Beata


It’s just as important to understand how we behave when inevitable challenges come up in our relationships as it is when we’re at the top of our game. Because a healthy relationship will challenge you, in both exciting and frustrating ways, as you evolve and grow individually and together. We’ve all been there, and in my personal and professional experience I’ve learned…

  • Practical tools and skills for having difficult, challenging conversations.
  • How to use shame and fear as a guide to deeper intimacy and connection.
  • How to integrate the lessons of past relationships in a healthy way.
  • The art in asking for what you want in a powerful way.





Sex Educator